Our Program

Our Approach

At PosAbilities Academy, we understand that individuals learn differently.  That is why, each semester, we work with students and families to determine what classes, schedule, and related services will help each student reach his or her goals.

At PosAbilities Academy, we not only address academic goals, but also explore the vocational path each student chooses to come up with a unique Individualized Plan.   What is more, PosAbilities Academy uses the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis as a corner stone to guide our educational approach in the implementation of each Individualized Plan. 

Additionally, each student will be provided with specific services aimed to support student’s goals.  PosAbilities Academy partners with professionals around the area to provide parents with choices.   Parents can opt into additional services a-la carte via one of our partners or request to have their own provider.  Our goal is to provide a holistic approach by coordinating and including parents and professionals in the students' Individualized Plan.  We believe that inclusion and coordination across settings will provide the most benefit to each student. 

What sets PosAbilities Academy apart:

●Our program focuses on providing a multi-layer approach to learning that incorporates academics, vocational training and ABA based instruction to meet the needs of students with diverse needs

● Academic curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of each student’s ability

● The Vocational program focuses on developing the student’s work readiness and necessary career skills including internship opportunities

● Our goal is for 100% of graduates to go into a post-secondary program or have a job upon graduation

● PosAbilities Academy is a 4-6 year step program that prepares high school students from the ages of 14-22 for independent living, job training or post-secondary education. The length of the program will depend on the individualized education plan for each student.


Multi-layer Programming

Functional Academics


At PosAbilities Academy, we believe that all children are capable of making progress when provided with an appropriate and individualized education. 

After admission, a comprehensive assessment is completed to help instructors gain an understanding of each student’s strengths and areas of improvement.  After completing assessments, instructors work with the student and family to determine the most appropriate educational track. 

Students work in small groups (1:3 or 1:4) using Evidence-Based Direct Instruction Curriculums to meet their academic goals.

Vocational Training


PosAbilities Academy prepares students by establishing foundational skills for work readiness.  Students work on obtaining the necessary skills to be ready to enter the workforce such as communication, problem solving, work ethic, collaboration, etc.  

Students spend at least half of their day focusing on vocational skills. The Vocational Skills program focuses on developing the student’s work readiness skills, provide students with career exploration and develop the necessary skills to seek and obtain a job in their selected careers.    PosAbilities Academy partners with businesses across the region to provide internship opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience.

Applied Behavior Analysis


At PosAbilities Academy, we use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to guide our educational approach.  We take data daily on progress towards IEP goals, and make changes to teaching procedures based on the student’s progress. Our staff includes Registered Behavior Technicians and Board Certified Behavior Analysts that are assigned to each student and oversee all students’ goals.  PosAbilities Academy staff is certified through the BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board) and abides by all its ethical standards.